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Alanya Hotel Fraternal Cities  Online Reservation Hotel

1. Gladbeck-Germany



2. Schwechet-Austria

3. Fushun-China

It takes place 45 km far away from the capital in Shenyang province of China.It has a population of 2.27 millions.1.39 million of this population live in the suburban areas.It has 11.272 km2 ares.People from 34 different nations live in Fushun. Fushun is surrounded with green mountains and clear rivers.It is also the city of Wang who is the world champion of table tennis.This region is also interested by petro-chemical industry and international level tourists. Fushun is a 7000 year city,there are more than 5000 cultural Works and 116 historical city.the name Fushun was founded in 1384 for the first time.Fushun is one of the cities of china which has a strong economy.Its economy is based on petro-chemistry,textile,construction materials,coal mine and electricity.Fushun is the biggest oil and parafin wax producer of China. Fushun is a tourist attracting place in Northeast China.In recent times, Fushun started to work with approximately 100 country and region in economic,cultural and trade subjects.Fushun also has 10 fraternal cities. Transportation and Communication are developed in Fushun.It is 50 kilometres to airport and 400 kilometres to harbour.It has 16 academic research institute,150.000 experts and export dealer,30 universities,110 high schools.It is a cynosure city with its rich resourses,strong economy,wide market network and attractive investment opportunities.


4. Talsi-Latvia

Total Population: 48959

Area: 2751 km2

Population density:17.2 people per km2

Talsi takes place in at the west side of latvia or at the North of the Kurzeme Peninsula and often named as Kurzeme because of this reason.The area of the region is %4.1 of whole Latvia.

The region is surrounded along the 96 kilometres of Riga bay.The region is formed from two geographic areas.They are Kurzeme mountainous region with its highest point and Kamparkalns Plain(174 metres).

irbe straight bay coast is wide and sandy but the sandy bay of Riga Bay changes to rocky coast especially around Kaltene region.

Talsi is the second well-wooded region in Kurzeme.The 55% of the region is constituted from big wooded mountains.The 28.7% of the region is covered with agricultural areas.The marsches are important.from 3.4% or 9400 hectares of march,the march coal is founded from 1700 hectares of it.The 12% of the region is under the protection of the province.The places under the protection are: Slitere national park,”Talsi Hillock”Nature park,”Abava Primeval”valley and Engure lake nature Park,cultural historical region “Liv Coast”

The citizenship distribution in the region is homogenous:92% latvian,3.6% russian,1.2% gipsy and 3.2% belarussian,ukrainen and other nations.

5. Trakai-Lithuania


Trakai is a historical and a touristic city with a 38 thousands population in the South-east of Lithuania 28 km close to Vilnius. The city is surrounded with Lukos (Bernardinu), Totoriškiu, Galves, Akmenos and Gilušio Lakes in the Peninsula Region.There are totally 200 small and big lakes at the region.There are architectural,historical and cultural monuments in Trakai city.trakai castle is the best known castle in the city.The castle had a restorage in 20th century.The castle is houseowner to both historical and promotional films.The festivals and other facilities are done in the castle at summer time.There is also a museum in the castle since 1962.

The city and the surrounding started to develop at the 13th century.According to the historical events,Grand duke Gediminias after a successful hunt,found a place which is not far away from the capital Kernave and decided to built a castle to there.This is the answer of the construction of a new castle in Trakai City.German History books first mentioned from Trakai in the year 1337 which is the establishment day of Trakai.When Grand Duke moved to Vilnius, Senieji Trakai was descended to his son Duke Kestutis.Trakai is the birth place of Lİthuania’s famous emperor Vytautas Didysis.

One of the most significant characteristics of th city is that it is formed and protected by people from different nationalities.Karait,Tatar,Lithuanina,Russian and Polish people live together.Their own government and rights are given to both Christians and Karaits.

Trakai lost its political importance in 16th century.İt has also decreased economically.The city was set on fire and plundered during the war done with Russia in 17th century.The castles were destroyed.The castle on the island was rebuilt in the second half of 20th century.There is a museum in the castle since 1962.




6. Keszthely- Hungary


7. Wodzislav-Poland



8. Neo Lonia-Greece

Fraternal Cities
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